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The ‘award-winning’ Yandina Community Gardens – recipients of the Sunshine Coast Council’s 2010 Glossies award for Edible Landscapes,  are on the corner of North and Farrell Streets, Yandina, Queensland. See Map Here

Bluehouse community house

Yandina Community Gardens are permaculture gardens established for the community to gain practical skills in growing their own food. It also features an old Queensland weatherboard house which has been  retrofitted  to  demonstrate  practical solutions  to changing  your home  to be more sustainable.  Below are listed more   features of the gardens you can explore and learn about when you visit the  gardens.

Volunteers and new members/friends are always welcome

Download Membership Application form Membership Application

·     The Community Gardens demonstrate organic food production using Permaculture design principles.
·     Water-wise tropical vegetables are propagated in the nursery from stock grown in the gardens and are available for sale to the public.
·     Our water-efficient aquaponics project produces organic vegetables and fish.
·     ‘Sustainable living’ projects demonstrate energy-efficiency and the use of renewable resources, for example the solar hot water and photo-voltaic systems on The Blue House roof and the’ straw bale shelter’ for the garden volunteers.
·     The Gardens are an exceptional venue for Permaculture education and they are a meeting place not only for residents of Yandina but the greater Sunshine Coast community.

If you would like to look at what demonstration plantings  we have around the house you can download a pdf of the GARDEN SIGNS

Organic gardening students erecting bamboo tripod

Organic gardening students erecting bamboo tripod

About Yandina Community Gardens Inc.
Yandina Community Gardens Inc. started life as Maroochy Community Permaculture Group Inc. (MCPG), a ‘not for profit’ organisation of volunteers. The Yandina Community Gardens is our home.

The aim of the group is to develop the Yandina Community Gardens as an educational facility with practical  demonstrations of urban permaculture food production for members of the community, schools and other organisations.

In 2002 Maroochy Community Permaculture Group Inc. (MCPG) established Yandina Community Gardens on two disused tennis courts and a basketball court in Farrell Street Yandina.
· A heritage Queenslander, now known as ‘The Blue House’, was re-located on the corner of North and Farrell Streets and was leased to MCPG, who were authorised to coordinate its renovation and landscaping.

Local, state and federal government funding assisted the Maroochy Community Permaculture Group Inc to develop the Yandina Community Gardens into a well-established education facility – an ‘Eco-versity”.

In December, 2012 due to increasing identity problems and the need to satisfy statutory requirements, Maroochy Community Permaculture Group Inc. officially changed it’s name to Yandina Community Gardens Inc. 

Contact us by email at or drop in on Saturday, Monday or Tuesday mornings.

Making the cob oven

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